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We are a small indie game development studio without any financial support. The games we make, we develop in our spare time beside our regular job. To increase the development speed of our games we need manpower and time. Manpower costs money. The same is with time. With your support we hopefully are able to spare more time for our games and pay other developers to help us making awesome games. 

Right now there are three ways you can support us: Patreon, Bitcoins and PayPal. Have also a look into our Merch section.

Thank you!


You can send us Bitcoins. Below you will find the Bitcoin address, a Link with the URI and also a barcode for a direct scan.

Address: 3BeU1GEo6SdNrYge89gxyLVjL5wTnUy3iN




PayPal is propably the easiest way to support us. You can use this link which will redirect you to our Paypal account. Its up to you.