Lost Dog Games Team


Has his roots in computer sciences. Deep passion for playing games and even more for coding games.  Has done his PhD in Aerospace Engineering.  Long-term experience in artificial intelligence and software development. Playing games is fun, but creating games is just amazing. Uses his skills and experience in project management to keep things going.


Dr. Denis S.

Jie W.


A geek making geek stuffs for geeks. Loves birds, loves fluffy clouds, but mostly loves creating worlds. There isn‘t a game or movie out there he does not know. Has a bachlors degree in design. With his Wacom he creates amazing characters and animations. His creativity is not only strong in character design, but also in storytelling.



Wasted precious life time drinking and partying. But this got him an art degree. Unable to get a regular job, he started grinding kids money with mobile games and loot boxes. Jokes aside. He is passionate about games and has a deep knowledge about old movies, games and pop culture in general. Following his passion he started developing his own games.

David G.

Christoph D.

Music production

Took classical piano lessons for over 12 years, with Chopin as his favorite composer. Got really fond of Aphex Twin, which led him to get into music production. Holds a diploma as a film composer and sound engineer.
Games offer the perfect playground, where he can realize himself and let the music and motion picture magically blend into each other.